Advanced Dirty Show Tickets Sold Out (once)

We would like to thank everyone who came into Noir Leather in the past few weeks to buy their Dirty Show tickets.  This is the first year we’ve sold out of our first batch of Friday and Saturday night tickets.

By the way, we received a second batch today in case you still want to get in on the deal, the steal.

The other steal (err… deal) we have going this weekend only is half off selected adult and fetish videos.

Happy Valentines Day from Noir Leather with your Noir Leather toys and videos.

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About Noir Leather

Noir Leather is a unique fetish boutique with clothing and accessories for club and erotic wear. It has been in Royal Oak for over 25 years. Noir offers shoes, boots, fetish magazines, biker jackets, chaps, vests, dresses, sex toys and bondage accessories. It is open every day and also holds many events in the store. This is the place for your kinky side.

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