Best Fetish Party and Novelty Store and Hellbound This Saturday

Cycles At Smalls

Thank You Thank You Noir Fans for voting Noir the best Fetish Party & Novelty Store! Myself & Noir’s 8 dedicated Staff work really hard in keeping Noir fresh & Creative.

Come to the Hellbound for Detroit’s #1 Fetish Party this Sat April 24th at Smalls Bar in Hamtramck. This one is 18+ & has a Biker & Stockings Theme! There will be a Tasty Noir Stage Show “Cycledelic Cream Dream” & a Stockings Leg Show on stage too! Hot legged Female Noir Fans can be in Just Sigh up at Noir or w/ Kat at the front entrance of Smalls Sat Night. For being in the Stocking Leg Parade on the Stage you will get a $10 Noir Gift Cert or a free pair of Stockings. Be Creative, Stockings Garters, Skirts & Heels are the Ideal. Advance Party tickets are only $10 ($15 if under 21) & you get 15% off any Purchase when buying an advance Ticket. Don’t forget this is a fetish Dress code event with a biker, slut & Stockings Theme.

Keith Howarth / Noir Leather
Store 248-541-3979

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