Zombies, Damnation and Torture


Noir Leather is getting excited for 10-10-10 and the 3rd Annual World Zombie day! Dress up, get made up, and work on your limp. Royal Oak will be crawling with the Undead this weekend! 

link to the main website.




Still not enough things to do this October? How about Damned III Art Show and Masquerade 28th-30th. Noir Leather has your tickets!






Too many events, not enough costumes? Come Haunt Noir Leather’s Halloween Room! Full of sexy, spooky and devilish halloween costumes to make sure you’re the ghoulest person at your party or event!

And remember fall dosent stop after Halloween. We’ve also got Tickets for the Genitorturers at Harpo’s in Detroit Nov 12th. 

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