Noir Leather’s 17th Birthday

Thank you for all the great Birthday wishes! I had a great Birthday & Noir did too.

Noir has now been opened for 27 years. Noir’s Very first grand opening was on Dec 17th 1983. Which just happened to be my own Birthday too? Mine was not too important for I had a store to open. The clock was ticking, my seed… money was spent, all $2,500 which was loaned by my parents. I had been working day & night since Nov 1st in ’83 trying to get the building ready & seven old used show cases refinished for a Dec 1st opening (it just did not happen). I financially needed to get opened in Dec so I could gain any, just any Xmas business to keep afloat. On grand opening day Noir rang up $50 in sales, we served Wine, Champagne & Cake to about 30 friends, family & whoever walked in Noir’s front door. (Like 5 people). The rest of December was Dismal. Very few people came in December & those that did were destitute & wanted money from me! I remember a $7 Dec. day which, I sold one hand made leather wrist band. Now that was a good day for the other days I sold nothing.

My parents after my grand opening disowned me for the next year; they did not approve of my “Leather shop”.

Thank you all for being part of Detroit culture, look where we are today. Employed everywhere are colorful people with Piercings, multi colored hair, Tattoos Etc. This was not how it was back in the 80’s No one who showed their individuality could get a job. The advice I was given with my ideal to open a punk store was “Don’t waste your time; this is just a fad it will be over in 6 months”. That was 27 years ago!

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