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R.I.P. Squid- Friday May 6 2011


Squid was a long time friend, supporter & customer of Noir Leather.  Squid attended many Noir Hellbound’s, was in numerous Noir ads & was a pivotal performer in Noir’s 25th anniversary show at the Crofoot in 2008.  During the summers Squid would show up to Noir on the custom built low-rider chopper peddle driven bikes that he made.  Squid had a passion for Facebook & would find the most obscure groups that existed which featured the paranormal, bizarre collections, & gore.  Squid had a street punk look like the original punks had in the early 80’s. With his red tipped mohawk, tattoos, studded leather jacket, belts, collars & bracelets.  He was the last of the true punk rock fashion whores.  Squid also had a love of sandalwood oil and India Temple incense. He would relentlessly call Noir, & Facebook us till we re-stocked his favorite sandalwood scented oil.  Noir finally ... … Read entire article »

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