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Tickets and Dates

The next Hellbound can be found bound here. Typically, two months pass between Hellbounds depending on a variety of conditions (weather, the economy, availability of venues, relevant conventions and art shows in the area, the phase of the Moon, etc.). In 2010, a Hellbound-class event has been nearly monthly. In 2008, 3 months passed between Hellbounds. February, May, September and December tend to be when the most Hellbounds are held.

In addition to Hellbound, Noir sponsors concerts, sidewalk street performances, fashion shows and much more. Of all the events Noir sponsors, Hellbound is the grandest, most intense of them all. You have to see it to believe it. The spectacle takes over a nightclub for one night. The party has made its rounds over the past two decades in nearly every important alternative club there is in Detroit. Hellbound #69 was held in 2009.

Advanced tickets can be purchased at Noir Leather. Quite often Noir Leather offers a good discount for purchases concurrent with a Hellbound ticket purchase. Advanced Ticket Prices vary from $15-$20 It is usually $5 more if purchased at the door.

Dress Code

Fetish Dress Code is strongly encouraged if not required. Goth, drag, uniform, fetish, latex, etc. just as long as the genitals (and nipples for girls and the TG/CD/TV) are covered. Explore your fantasy. If it’s in the Noir Leather brick and mortar store, wear it.

Showing up at Hellbound without a ticket and without being “in compliance” with the usual very tolerant Fetish Dress Code is naturally the most expensive way to enjoy Hellbound. Not that we would make you strip down to your underwear and wrap you in cellophane like some other fetish parties require. Those showing up in blue jeans and ordinary street clothes will usually be given the option of stripping down to their underwear and being wrapped in cellophane, buying a g-string at the door, or paying through the nose to get in if the powers that be allow it (e.g. $25-30+). Obviously, if we’re working with a biker or cowboy theme, jeans and leather assless chaps are fine.

Bottom line, we want people to make at least some effort to dress up and become in a respective, safe, sane, consensual manner what their regular life forbids them to be.

BDSM and Fetish Fun with finger sandwiches

There will be light hors d’oeurves (fruits, cheeses, crackers, etc.). and a cash bar. We have a food table because we know how strenuous BDSM can be on both the masters and the submissives.

Believe it or not, no sex happens at Hellbound. Contrary to what your friends might have told you, this is not an orgy or swingers club. People do mix and mingle as they would at any large social gathering. Instead of talking about the latest, greatest manure spreaders, some might exchange ideas about making spreader bars while others might get into long, deep and personal conversations. Almost everyone is more or less more friendly than not.

There’s a reason a BDSM scene is called a “scene”. You may watch it, but you may not touch or interfere. It’s sort of like theatre. It’s also polite to ask politely first.


Keep an eye on the stages throughout the entire evening. Past Hellbounds have had live bands and live DJ sets, specialty arts performers (vaudeville, burlesque, circus sideshow, aerial, etc), really fun demonstrations of products and techniques, fashion shows, performance art (the human boardwalk, fetish skits, etc.), and so much more. Every venue and Hellbound is different and varied. All of this lovely feast for the eyes and ears culminates at midnight with a grand finale fetish theatre show produced Noir Leather’s own Zach and Kristi.

The party then goes on until roughly 2 AM. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Please leave your camera at home. Not only are cameras not allowed, you’ll be busy enough trying to take it all in with just your eyes. What happens at Hellbound stays at Hellbound.

27 thoughts on “Hellbound

  1. There will be a Noir Hellbound Fetish event Nov. 22nd 2014 at the City Club, Detroit MI

  2. You’re in luck! Saturday August 28th we’re having one at Small’s in Hamramck.
    It’ll be a cool one cause it’ll be unique acts done by anyone who can bring something good to the table. Maybe you’d like to do something? Our new Mero Times ad has a little information on it, but we’ve been posting on Facebook about the specifics. Hope to see you there!

  3. Oh my thank you. I will be there with bells on. As far as performing, I am afraid my only skill is appreciating all you and yours do at these events!

  4. I agree with Curt. I was at the last hellbound event at Smalls. The flyer says no cameras however, there were a lot of not so classy people who were snapping pics left and right. I would like to know that when I go to an event that says no cameras allowed, that it will indeed be enforced. I want to have fun without having to wonder if my picture is being used inappropriately (posted on some porn site somewhere).

  5. Most photography is done by people appointed by Kieth for Noir’s use only; for our website, and for publicity for other Hellbound events. If there are cameras there, we’ll know and make sure there are safe eyes behind them.

  6. I am always being told that cameras will not be permitted and then I find a letch with a camera phone aimed in my direction. A letch not dressed in fetish attire, may I add.
    Noir – please be more responisble and stop people bringing in cameras – period. In the long run it will bring more people in. I would pay double the entrance fee if I knew it was a safe and camera free environment.
    Also, enforce fetish attire. Anyone not in fetish should be charged $50 flat fee for entrance – that will soon deter the jean clad people that are only coming to get a cheap thrill.

  7. First things first, THANK YOU to our hosts Kieth, the Mistress, and Smalls. Another successful HELLBOUND! I cant imagine the work it takes to pull it off. I have been photographed many times at hellbound. Years ago some very unflattering ones could be found on line. Although disappointed, I always gave my consent to have my image taken. The advent of the ‘in house photographer” is a nice idea but quite a hassle and expensive to acquire the photos for yourself. I lacked good judgement, and may have been a bit tipsy, but I am not insensitive or a letch. My sincerest apologies for the photo taking. Absolutely NO shots were taken of anyone outside our group! Again, I apologize and hope to be allowed back – sans camera – of course.

  8. I’m a nice looking in shape male that would like to attend in Bondage attire. My professional life keeps me from exploring my desire to be submissive. If I show up as a single male that is looking to be dominated will I be laughed at? Thanks.

  9. @ Curious
    Dont worry, you wont be the only new commer to Hellbound!
    We welcome novices as well as our loyal devotees.
    Promise, we’ll be gentle. 😉

  10. Thank you for another great article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such information.

  11. Thanks to Keith Kat Zach Kristi & everyone @ Noir Leather for my favorite stop on the Highway To Hell Hellbound is great because of the shows and meeting some legends of our BDSM lifestyle as well as trusted friends. This is also a great way for newcomers to mix watch and play with experinced dominants and submissives. Thank you to all the women men and couples i have played with it was my pleasure to share with your “pain” thanks most of all to Keith Kat & Noir…. BEAST

  12. We had a blast at the peek-a-boo review…a month has passed…when is next event?

  13. Hi we are newbies and want to attnd a hellbound party. Where do we get tickets? what attire? ect.. Thank you

  14. Sounds quite interesting… I have never attended such an event but I do have the fetish wear to attend… hopefully it’s not too awkward a crowd for newcomers… I know I have attended a swingers bar and talk about cliques! terrible

  15. My ex-boyfriend introduced me to a bit of BDSM and I was curious to learn more. I’m interested in maybe coming to one of the Hellbound events but I’m a bit scared for a couple reasons. First, I would be alone (is that weird?). Second, I have not a clue what to wear, and third I am a young professional in Detroit and I worry about the camera situation (hoping its actually enforced) at the event….

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I’d like to come, but just had questions…

    Also, if I decide to be brave and explore what is the time/date/location and where could I buy a ticket? I followed the link above but didn’t see the event registration on the next page.

    Thanks so much!

  16. You will be bound to have fun at Hellbound. Yes, there are parts of the experience that in totality will be overwhelming at first, but you’ll find you’ll quickly get into the swing of things.

  17. You may purchase tickets at Noir Leather. As for what to wear, come on in and browse the racks and let our friendly associates help you find what would be right.

  18. Hi there,

    I keep coming to this website to check for any hellbound dates.
    Was there a hellbound this year (2013) at all?
    Is there a plan to schedule one?

    Where do people go to dress up in latex and have fun?
    I know City Club bur is there something else I am not aware of?


  19. As we just had an event in November, we plan on having the next Hellbound scheduled in the spring. You can also check our Facebook page for more information.

  20. In general, we update both our homepage and our Facebook page with events. We are currently planning on another Hellbound event in the springtime. City Club is accepting of alternative dress such as latex wear. Also, dress code at our events welcomes latex, as fetish attire is required.

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