More Malia

Malia is a little mystery to us in cyberspace.   We don’t know much, but we already know for sure she’s going to be a favorite Noir Leather Model for many months ahead.

Anna: who is that?? shes pretty :)

Eve: hot

For more comments, check out this photo on our myspace.  For all your fetish fashion desires, check out our store in downtown Royal Oak.  You’ll be bound to have fun there.

Full Moon Hellbound Postponed until February 27

The next Hellbound (the Full Moon Hellbound) will be at the wonderful Northern Lights Lounge (the same site as the Shanghai Dreams back in May 2009) in the New Center area.   Mark Saturday,  February 27, 2010, on your calendar to go crazy.  Updated flyers and will be posted to the Google Group as soon as they’re ready (and here asap).

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In the meantime, if you need a straitjacket or other medical fetish gear, come in as soon as possible.  Real straitjackets take about 4-6 weeks to procure if they can be procured at all.  They’re also impossible to get out of unless you’re an escape artist like Krystine, our web developer.   She recommends J.T. Posey straitjackets for bondage purposes since the buckles hold better than the roller buckles on the Humane Restraints.  Both will hold a struggling lunatic or bdsm slave quite beautifully in heavy canvas.  Noir can also procure leather and pvc straitjackets that are strictly for play or fashion.

Go join our google group at It’s free, safe and confidential.  Only Keith posts newsletters to it.

Kinbaku, if you’re nasty educated.

Andrew Blakes’ newest hits our shelves on 08/18. Fleshbot (nsfw) has a brief write-up on this new film celebrating Japanese Rope Bondage otherwise known as Kinbaku. The write up also contains some wonderful still images from the film.

New info on our next HELLBOUND party coming as we get it. What we do know is that it will be held October 16th at Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit. As always, fetish wear is strongly encouraged.

We need vintage photos of the store, past shows and (especially) fliers. We’ll let Keith explain his math.

Lets see 52 Metro Times ads a year times 25 years= 1,300 ads Plus the monthly 1/4 page ads in Orbit mag. Real Detroit too. Full-pages in Edge for 3 or 4 years. Then all of the fanzines, Etc. Oh this could be 2,000 images! Keith Howarth/Owner

So there you have it. We are going to put these on our Facebook fan page for everyone to look at and remember the past. I’m busy scrambling around the basement trying to find old fliers and pictures and fliers, but your old pics would be helpful as well. Let us know if you have any in the comments and we will get in contact with you or post them yourself here.

Before we go, next Wednesday we have a brand new summer sidewalk show with a Bikini Car Wash that starts it off. Bring by your ride for a quick bath!

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